E2P9, 10 & 11 - My group vs Katou's crew

[Outside of the back of the gas station 4:54PM]

"Hey, since you know Katou more than us, do you have any idea where she might of went to Takeda?" Ranga would ask, closing the back door of the gas station.

Takeda looking at the rabbit boy would answer his pretty basic question "She lives in a 7 house neighborhood north of here, Shimada, I believe it is called."

"Daiki, can you go get the car." Ranga would ask of me, in a pretty commanding tone of voice after he had closed the backdoor. Seeing as I have no real reason to disobey what Ranga told me to do, I go to do as commanded of me.

[Shimada neighborhood, 4:55PM]

Riku, Michi, and Katou were outside of the house in which Choko resides, speaking of which, Katou was holding an AR-10 by the handguard, having the barrel of the rifle pointing towards "Michi, Riku. They are going to be here any minute now, keep your weapons pointed downrange. Fire at any 2005-era sliver car which you see." Choko process to walk towards the entrance of the neighborhood, now holding the 7.62x51MM battle rifle in a way that is proper for combat.

[Inside of Daiki's car]

I had successfully made it to the back of that gas station in my car, Ranga sitting in the passenger seat, Tepache sitting in the backseat behind me, and Takeda sitting in the seat behind Ranga "Hm, so we ready to take care of Katou Choko?" I ask the three, they all would nod and agree to the question I asked.

As I started driving towards Shimada, Takeda would start speaking "Y'know, I think I might become a bounty hunter! I am currently enjoying hunting down Chōko with you three! Mind telling me what is the company you work for?"

Ranga would simply reach into one of his Jacket's pockets and hand Takeda a card, assumingly a business card for Lagunov's bounties, "Thanks, uh Ranga correct?" I hear Takeda respond once handed the card as we drive to the neighborhood.

[Shimada neighborhood, Katou's crew 5:00PM]

As Katou and her goons are walking towards the entrance of the Shimada neighborhood, they noticed the car which Daiki was driving "OPEN FIRE!" Riku announced, dumping half of his MAC-10's mag at the vehicle, Michi would fire three rounds out of his Revolver, Katou would just sit back and watch as none of the two goons' rounds hit the car, by the vehicle quickly making a left as they were firing at it.

[Daiki's group]

I parked the car parallel to the left stone fence of the neighborhood, afterwards we would all get out of the vehicle, "Okay, Raise your hand if you were shot!" Ranga states after we got out of the vehicle, after a moment of silence no one would raise their hands. "I take it that no one was shot." Ranga said, soon using the PDRU inventory system to take out a P90, as it was a wireframe for a few nanoseconds before fading into the PDW, he would then hand it to Takeda "Here, use this isn't of your 22LR, It has 50 rounds, hit further, and it has minimal recoil"

[Katou's crew 5:02PM]

Katou sighs, looking at her goons, soon telling them her plan "Alright, Riku, you go to the left side of the entrance and use your flashbang to blind them, Michi you go to the right wall near the entrance and take out Maki Daiki's little posse with, I myself will hide near the middle house of the east wall, picking them off if you two shall fail. understood?"

"Understood." The two goons would say, soon heading towards their positions given to them by Chōko

[Daiki's group 5:02PM]

Ranga was looking over all of us with a thinking expression on his face, sitting on the hood of the car, which the front of the car was facing west, with the back facing east. Soon the expression changed to one where it seems he is sensing something "I hear movement! One person going to the left, where we are, and the right!"

"Heh, I assume you are the rabbit?" One of the guns said "Hey Michi! Ya gonna wait there, or are you gonna do some rabbit hunting, with me!", as the Goon started talking to another one by the name of Michi. Ranga stands up and starts to head towards the car's roof.

[Katou's crew, Riku and Michi. 5:02PM]

Ranga now on the roof of the car has a clear sight of the two goons, Riku started talking again to taunt the Usagi, reloading his Mac-10 "Heh! Looks like the prey had com- AGHH!" only to be cut off by a 5.56 round to his forehead from the M16A1, soon the goon's body fell to the road.

"Good going Michi, your loud ass got us killed." Michi comments on Riku's death, his S&W revolver aimed at the Usagimimi the whole time, "any time now bunny boy." Michi states as Ranga started aiming his rifle at the 6 shooter using goon. Once Ranga locked his eyes on him, Michi would fire his last three shots on Ranga, the 1st one hitting his left shoulder, and the two missing, due to him falling down from the 1st hit.

[Daiki's group, 5:03PM]

I watch as Ranga falls onto the ground, his M16 falling on top of him "Aghh! Revolver guy at the right side of the entrance, near a fence ggAHH! that covers one a building near it! Tepache take care of my wound! Daiki, Takeda! you two go take care of him!" Ranga said groaning in pain as he talks, holding the area where he got shot.

Tepache would walk over to the injured friend of ours, soon crouching next to him, flicking her left hand back for a second, a bright glowing green orb floating above that hand, afterwards, she'll hover that hand over Ranga's wound as he lets go of it, grayish-green smoke would come from the orb and into Ranga's gunshot wound "Hm, should've brought my staff, it'll make this process much faster." The tall blonde girlfriend of Ranga's said

"What's she doing?" Takeda asks as I start to walk towards the entrance of the neighborhood, answering Takeda's question "Healing him, let's go!" I respond to her question

[Katou's crew, Michi. 5:02PM]

Still in the spot where he shot Ranga from, Michi swings open the cylinder to reload the six-shooter 'fuck, I forgot that I don't have a speedloader! And, If he isn't dead, He most likely told me the exact location, gotta go to the right in front of the concrete wall in front of me, shouldn't take too long.' he thinks to himself as he puts in four rounds into the Model 629, afterwards, he would start walking west towards the concrete wall and near where Riku was before he died, closing the cylinder of his gun while walking.

But, as he made it to the halfway point, he turns his head to find Takeda and Daiki who were basically like 2 feet away from him. Michi quickly turns his body to face the two, aiming his gun at Daiki.

"There's that fucking asshole." Daiki scoffs in a pretty angry tone of voice for pretty obvious reasons, aiming his full-auto FGC-9 at Michi, as the goon aims at him. Takeda would do the same but with her P90.

[Daiki's group, Daiki and Takeda. 5:02PM]

With our guns pointed at the jackass who almost killed Ranga, the revolver user would pull the hammer of the gun back, "Fire on him!" I shout as I hear the hammer being cocked back, soon pulling the trigger of my FGC-9, Takeda doing the same as me. Together we unloaded about 15 or so rounds in his chest and neck area before he could even move, "Let's go back to see if Ranga is in fighting condition." I say to Takeda after we got rid of Katou's last goon.

Soon enough Takeda and I made it back to the car, Ranga was sitting down, his back resting against one of the front doors, His rifle resting against one of the back doors, the stock on the ground, the barrel, and handguard pointing towards the sky, Tepache was standing next to him, her AK on the floor behind her

"Hey Range, we killed the last of Katou's men, also are you well enough to help find her?" I ask him upon seeing him, after asking him the question Ranga would get up, grab his rifle and give me a thumbs up

[Katou's crew, 5:04PM]

After Michi got wasted by Takeda and Daiki, Katou popped out of cover for abit, pointing her rifle towards the entrance, waiting for the 4 of them to search for her. "1.... 2.... 3.... 4.... 5.... 6.... 7.... 8...." She counts the seconds as she waits, walking towards the entrance, once she said 8, The four had entered the neighborhood once more, Ranga firing a three-round burst at Katou.


As Ranga fired at Choko, she starts moving leftwards, all of the Usagimimi's shots missing from her moving. She returns fire by firing 5 rounds in semi-auto at the group as she was still moving, all of her shots missed the four.

[Daiki's group]

"What now Range?" I ask Ranga, after the firefight between Us and Katou has properly started, Ranga turns one of his hands to me, a purple light ofuda is inbetween his index and middle finger. Soon after he turns his hand in the direction of Katou as she is moving and soon sends it towards her, my vision going purple for a few seconds.

[Katou's crew, Daiki's group]

Katou now standing still, Ranga's talisman stuck to her stomach "W-what in the goddamn is going on.. C-can't move!" She said, stuck due to Ranga's ability, The four of them soon running towards her "Fuck! This is it!!!" She groans as the group is now surrounding her.

With the group surrounding her, they all point their guns at her face, soon emptying the weapons magazines into her face area. Choko Katou ofcourse dies from this, as she becomes lifeless, the light purple ofuda on her stomach burns away into nothingness, allowing her lifeless body to fall to the grass on the ground.

Ranga, putting a new mag into his M16, after Choko's death "Alright. Daiki, you know the drill." He said pulling the changing handle of thee rifle back

[END OF PAGES 9, 10, & 11]