E2P6 - Intermission

[Harcoln, Arizona, United States October 20th, 2023. 1:30PM]

In an Arizonan house, on the 4th floor, a man wearing a brown trench coat is escorting an older Japanese businessman to an office like room, where they'll meet a lady sitting on a chair with long blue hair, she was surrounded by men wearing military gear which shirt goes down and stops right about the knee and holding pistol carbine and behind the woman was a large symbol of some kind* {"Hm, good Lanford, thank you for bringing Kumagai Koji to me."} The blue-haired lady told him "Anyways, Kumagai. If my sources are correct, you are planning on obtaining The Reapers, and you need my money in order to get acquire them?"

Koji, now kneeling "Hm, yes. I am miss Hisakawa, that is what I am intending on doing." He would simply respond to her, Hisakawa getting up from her chair and looking around that the pistol carbine carrying guards speaks once more

"I see I see. Mind explaining to me why I should offer my help? Is it something useful to project.VITCH?" Her voice seems interested

"Yes, Ma'am, it is. I wish to have project.VITCH have a hold within Japan, and the only easy way I can see that happening is through you." He quickly explains to her

"Ah, I see.... I might need some time to think about this... So, I am interested in this Idea of yours, Kumagai. But It'll take me sometime understand?"She looks back at Lanford {"Alright, Lanford Reef. Take him back to his home country."} Afterwards, the brown trench coat wearing man would leave the area with Koji

[Outside of Ranga and Daiki's apartment, October 22nd, 2023. 10:37AM]

I and Ranga have got a moving trailer and packed up the majority of our stuff, helping us, is Tepache Sakura, who helped with putting the TV into the truck. If everything goes well today, I might be able to take care of Chōko Katou today, after all, she is one of my bounties, and the latest I can claim said bounty is the 1st of next month. Ranga and Tepache had put 4 out of 6 of the boxes into the truck, I had put two bags of clothing into the moving truck. As I was about to go inside to get the 5th box, I took notice of Ranga's outfit for today. He seems to be wearing dark green cargo pants, a black bomber jacket, and a white t-shirt underneath said coat.

Tepache went in with me to get the last box "This should be the last of it, correct? We got all our clothes and stuff. And the furniture belongs to the owners of the complex. " I say as I pick up the box, and Tepache picks up the last, soon heading out to put it into the truck in order to put it in.

Once that is said and done, I get into the driver's seat of the truck, Ranga in the passenger's seat. My car, is already at the new house, Tepache uses public transport to get back to the hotel where she and Ayaka are staying. Yea, all that is left now, is to drive to my new house.

*the sysmbol