E2P4 - My Meeting with Takeda

[Hashimato's gas station, 2:27PM]

After we got out of the gas station, and after I had sent the proof of death to the company, Takeda turns her head to me. "Oh, you going home too?" She said, and I respond to her question. "I mean, yea! Got all of my work done! But I'm mostly here to talk about somethings."

"Well then. Mind If you drive me home? I was gonna take the bus before you came along."

"Yea, I don't mind at all!" I said, as we made it over to my car, and I got into the driver's seat, Takeda getting into the passengers seat. After she inputs her address onto a map application on her phone, I start to drive in the directions the GPS is giving me "So, Takeda... Why does Choko want me dead."

"Well you see, She is working for Kyo's uncle, Kumagai Koji, he put a hit on you due to what happened between you and Kyo. And with Choko hating bounty hunters, he contacted her to hunt you down... And that's all I really know."

"Ah, ahh okay, okay. So, anyways else I should know about Koji?" I asked

"Hm, well. He pretty much has this town, Yamasunai and Honkami under his control. And I heard that he is planning on buying out former bounty hunting/Private military company called 'The Reapers'. But that's just a conversation I overheard from my boss's office."

"So, what did The Reapers do in order to go dormant? I vaguely remember that name."

"Well, you see. Back during one of the wars in the middle east, around 2013 or so? The Reapers where charged with firing and bombing civilians.. hell the reports say that they didn't even own a firearm at all... After the backlash they pulled out of that conflict and restated life as a bounty hunting business for about 2 years, before the owner closed down The Reapers"

"And I assume that Koji wants to buy them, in order to have some competition with Lagunov's bounties? If so, better tell Ranga about this."

"Yea. I did hear something about that group.. also do you need any information on when Choko is planning on killing you?" Takeda asked me, as we pull into the neighborhood which she lived in, I gave her a simple thumbs up as I park at her place, Takeda got out of the car, "I'll tell her to """kill""" you on the 22th of this month, let's say right outside of the gas station!" After she told me that, she headed back into her house and I drive back to my apartment.