E2P3 - Shootout at My Old Work

[Hashimato's gas station, 2:25PM]

Kaneko looks away from me, "hm, mind if I go outside before you end my life" he requested of me, I nod my head, yes, and so Kaneko headed out of the gas station and I track him with my eyes. That's when I notice he seems to be talking to a brown hair girl, and that said girl hands him something, by the time he received it, I could see the object more clearly as he moved infront of the glass entrance. The item in question seems to look alot like a small firearm with a suppressor.

Noticing this, I get behind one of the racks of the gas station and I hear the chime of the door. I pop my head out to check to see if it's Kaneko, and it was not at all... Just some customer and doesn't seem to be the brown haired girl which he was talking about, even if the customer was a brown haired lady, because, there is like a million girls who have brown hair in this country, like that would narrow it down.

Soon enough I hear another chime from the door, when I popped my head back in. soon I heard Kaneko speak once more. "Hey, you might wanna get out of here... There is gonna be a fight soon enough...." I thought someone like him would take a customer hostage, but alright. this works aswell, once the customer left I would pop back out of my head out and took a pot-shot at the target of mine. "Maki! I know where you are!" Soon Kaneko starts to head towards my position, so in response, I start to walk right-ways alongside the rack. Hoping to get out of range of the pistol, I heard movie suppressed fire at my direction. Luckily, I was still moving when my target shot, so while I got hit in the side of my right hip, I was still fine. "Agh!" I groan out, as I still got shot.

Once I got up from my crouched position, I was facing Kaneko. The two of us looking at eachother, it was very clear that at this point, I either get KIA or I get paided. I aim at the chest of my bounty, and then I fire one shot. Once Kaneko gets hit by the .45 ACP round, he staggers and grunts in pain. "ghmm ag!" he tries to get himself backup, trying to talk to me "I-i ahh should've c-called th-the cops gyaa once I figured out ab-about their plan to kill you." Kaneko drops the pistol, as the door chimes once more

[Hashimato's gas station, 2:27PM]

When the new person walked in, Kaneko dropped to the ground and I fired another bullet, this time into the target's head. After I did all that, I took a photo of Kaneko Jūrō, then I walk out of the rack to see who had entered. The person who entered seems to be the guard which Ranga kicked in the leg a few days ago "Huh, hi? Nice to see you again." I greet her "I don't believe we were able to talk eachother last time we saw eachother."

"Huh, yea... I guess.. can you just get my gun?" She asked of me, "listen, I do not plan on killing you at all. I just said that I'll think about it to Choko, so she'll leave me alone" Her words seem very truthful and genuine. So, I went and did as she requested, after I gave her the weapon, she began speaking once more "By the way, Daiki, was it? My name is Takeda!" She introduced herself to me, shortly before leaving the gas station. I follow behind Takeda, as I have some questions to ask her.