E2P7 - My Encounter with Katou Choko

[Ranga and Daiki's house, October 22nd, 2023. 4:37PM]

I was laying on the couch of our new living room, scrolling thru my phone, waiting for a message from Takeda, saying to meet her at the gas station. Ranga and Tepache are in the rabbit boy's room, doing who knows, and I have no reason to go up there. After a few minutes, I get the message I was waiting for... Now, it's time to take care of Katou. I soon get off of the sofa and head upstairs, knocking on the door to Ranga's room "Hey! It's time to hunt another bounty." I said, soon heading back down to the living room to wait for the two and to put my shoes on.

Soon enough Ranga and Tepache start to walk down the stairs "Alright, everyone ready?" I ask as they step into the living room, the two nodding their heads yes in response to my question. With that being said and done, the three of us head out of the house and soon head to my old workplace.

[Gas station, October 22nd, 2023. 4:47PM]

I arrive at the gas station, as Takeda promised, I can slightly see Katou in the gas station on her phone, drinking something. The three of us get out of my car and head over to Takeda "As you can see we had made it!" Ranga said to Takeda, she looks over at me, now speaking

"So, how exactly should we do this... I could give you my 22LR Walther and you can take potshots at her, after all. She is not wearing any body armor at all."

"Wouldn't your boss just assume that you killed her? and thus, he'll get rid of you aswell." Tepache explains as she was sitting on the hood of my car

"Alright, here is the plan. Me and Tepache stay far away, you go in there and bring Choko out, afterwards, all four of us will fire upon her." Ranga said, using the inventory system to take out his M16A1, soon all four of us agree on Ranga's plan.

So, the 1st part of the plan starts, Ranga with his M16A1 and Tepache with her AK74U staying camped about 4 feet away from the gas station. Takeda in the gas station, getting our target into this trap. Once out of the gas station, she immediately noticed Ranga and Tepache, quickly pulling a black string on her brown jacket, soon blinding and deafening Takeda and me for like 15 seconds. Once the two of us gained our vision and hearing back, our target was nowhere to be found, I head to Ranga and Tepache asking them if they fired upon or caught Chōko running away, assuming that the two weren't affected by the flashbang.

"Well, while I didn't see her, as I was blinded for a moment I did hear her running into the building. I could only think that she exited thru one of the backdoors" Ranga explains, giving us a vague clue on where she went.