E2P5 - Getting ready to move out of my flat

[Ranga and Daiki's apartment, October 19th, 2023. 11:23AM]

Ranga enters into the building wearing the schoolgirl outfit, duffel bag hanging off of his left shoulder, finding me on the sofa of the living room scrolling on my phone. The rabbit boy decided to start talking with me "Oh, hey. What are ya doing?" Ranga would simply ask.

I set the phone down, get up from the couch and answer Ranga "Well, you see. Since I have alot more cash with this new job... Why not move out and get a new house, I am planning on getting one with two bedrooms and two guest rooms! Anyways, what's in that duffel bag"

"Oh, she just wanted to visit your place after I went to her parents" Ranga explains, putting the bag next to me "Anyways... There is two 9MM SMGs in this bag, 3 30 round mags for them, and 5 mags for your 1911. The mags are loaded."

I go and unzip the bag, inside of it where the two SMGs as he stated, the guns don't seem like any SMGs I have since before in various forms of media, as I take one of them out I take notice that all of the plastic parts seem to be 3D printed "Huh, what is this?" I asked

"Well, it's an FGC-9. Its a 3D-printable pistol caliber carbine, normally semi-auto bu-" As Ranga was explaining the firearm I cut him off before he could say semi-auto, looking for fire-selector, soon finding it, and also finding at it indeed have a full setting

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT, DUDE!" I yelled out, in excitement "Also I didn't know that you were a gunsmith... albeit, an unofficial one.... Anyways.. I have some things I need to tell you" Soon I started telling Ranga about what Takeda and I talked about a few days ago


A few hours later in the day, I had found a two-floor house, which had a small room on the 1st floor, a kitchen near the back, and on the 2nd, it had four bedrooms. Anyways, I went around town gathering boxes, to pack up and go to this hopefully new residents of mine.

As I enter back into my house, I see that Tepache had come over and visited, sitting on the couch with Ranga, the two seemed to be playing a modern FPS game locally against one another, I go into the kitchen "I finally found the house that I am planning on moving into" I tell the two, soon turning the stove on to make some food

Tepache and Ranga stops playing for abit, in order to talk to me, Ranga going 1st "Hm? That's neat, so when are you planning on buying and moving in?"

"Most likely in three to five days or so"

Tepache would look over at me, "Hm, mind giving us some details about the new home you are getting" I would go on and describe the house to her, in which she'll reply with "You do know that Ayaka and I are only staying here until Rangy leaves, right?"

Ranga "Tepa, I have been here for 3 months, sooo it's very likely I will be here for another 3 months or longer... and besides, we only left for a few very simple reasons."


Soon I got done making lunch, I made enough for the three of us, and before we would start eating I ask Ranga and Tepache "So... Wanna go out to the middle of nowhere and try out my new weapons with me later?" I would ask, "I have never used anything like the FGCs you gave me", the couple would nod in agreement with what I just said