E2P8 - The Search for Katou

"Alrighty then, let's head out," I tell Ranga, Tepache, and Takeda, the three of us heading into the gas station, finding a dead body of a worker on the cashier table, likely stabbed to death as not one of us heard a gunshot coming from the place I use to work at for two years.

Ranga drags the body off of the counter and onto the floor next to us, before jumping on top of it and then jumping onto the ground, now behind it. Ranga looks on the ground, I looked at the TV which displays security camera footage, seeing a bit of a blood trail in front of Ranga which he is looking at

"Blood trail, Likely from Choko's blade." He stated, implies that we should follow it, soon the three of us jump up and behind the counter much like Ranga did a few seconds ago. The blood trail which we followed led to an open door.

[Neighborhood, near the gas station 4:51PM]

Katou places one hand on the stone fence of a Hashimamoto Neighborhood heavily panting, out of breath. Her knife on the asphalt of the street, holding onto A Glock 26 handgun "Oh god. ha mnmn haa mnnm, will this be really how I die? Perhaps not." The blonde haired lady puts the hand gun into her jacket soon heading into the Neighborhood, multiple locals wave to Chōko. Soon heading towards one of the bigger houses within the neighborhood.

[Katou's residence, 4:53PM]

Once inside of the bigger building Katou would take her pistol out and hang her brown jacket up, soon sitting on the couch of the living room, putting her firearm on the table infront of her, watching the TV. The show which was being broadcasted was just some cooking show.

There where two of Koji's goons in the living room aswell, both sitting on lounging chairs. On the coffee table, there is a Mac-10 and a Smith & Wesson Model 629 .44 Magnum Revolver.

"You took out that Maki guy?" One of the goons asked Choko, after she was resting on the sofa for about 5 minutes "No, Riku. I barely made it out alive. You guys go get armed." She commanded the two goons, getting up from the couch heading towards and then up the stairs, but before she could get up them. The other goon, now holding the Six-shooter in his hand would ask

"Really Katou? How exactly? He is just one guy, You and that Takeda chick should have him dead at this point."

Katou, foot now on the 1st step of stairs "Well Michi... You see, Takeda turnt on me. And Daiki brought two other friends, one black haired rabbit girl? and A tall blonde lady. Bunny girl with an M16, Tall blondy with an AK." After answering the revolver holding goon's question, she would start to make her way up the steps