E2P12-13 - My hometown visit

[Ranga and Daiki's house, October 24th, 2023. 9:47AM]

After the events of two days ago, we got paid for our work, Ayaka cooked Curry as dinner for us, and now today I am laying down on the living room sofa, scrolling thru the Lagunov's bounties app, It is basically a social media app for those working for Lagunov's bounties.

Many people are just talking about firearms and strategies on how to hunt bounties, others use it as a normal social media site. While scrolling thru it, on the top right corner I noticed a shopping cart icon, not knowing what it does, I go and click on it.

Once I did, it brought up a shopping page for firearms, tactical gear, body armor, and the like. "Wait, this app has a shop????" I said surprised, as I clearly didn't know that it existed.

After saying that, I heard a small chuckle from Ranga, who was sitting down on a chair in one of the corners of the living room, reading a manga "Yea, Dai! Why didn't you expect one to be there? After all, how else are most hunter's supposed to get their gear in countries like this one?"

Ranga did bring up a pretty good point, anyways. I start scrolling thru the shop, soon noticing one of their best-selling firearms... An M4A1 with a rail system and under-barrel M203 grenade launcher, selling for 252,871 YEN "Hey Range? Do you mind if I use your money to get myself an M4 with a grena-

"Go ahead Daiki! I have like at least one million USD in the bank ever since I have been working for LB." Ranga told me, with this permission to use this money to the M4A1 which should arrive here in around 2-3 days, I assume Ranga is being hired for more dangerous and higher paying bounties than I am. "There we go! I now own an M4!"

Upon saying that Ranga puts down his manga and starts to head to the front door "You ordered it correct, well I am going to Yakukoshi to pick it up, feel free to come with me if you'll like."

Yakukoshi, like my hometown? The same town where I lived for most of my life and met Ranga in high school in? Wait, Is Ranga gonna take a car there? That's gonna take him a whole day to get the M4 and come back, and what the hell is LB doing in Yakukoshi, isn't it like a Russian company? Why would they use a town of 2,000 or so people as their base of operations within Japan? I can only assume that this Kotone is from there and is running the Japanese branch of the company, that's the only way it would make any sense.


[Yakukoshi, October 24th, 2023. 11:05AM]

As it turns out, Me, Tepache, and Ranga all decided to take an airplane and a train ride to Yakukoshi, Ayaka chose not to come with us, which I completely understand due to our parent's feelings about her.

As we make it to the base of operations of LB in this country, I saw multiple people dressed up as if they were part of the S.A.S, but instead of blue for their shirts and pants, it was purple. I am just going to assume that they are either guards for the main building or just some bounty hunters who deiced on wearing some type of uniform.

Anyways, the building was east of town, and not that far away from an abandoned shrine, where I saw 4 of the uniformed guys seemingly guarding it, kinda odd but alright. The four of us were at the entrance of the LB base's gate. One of the guards seems to recognize Ranga, soon opening the gate for us to come in without us giving proof that we are bounty hunters. Adding more creditable to my theory about Ranga being a highly respected hunter for LB.

[LB Yakukoshi HQ 11:07AM]

As we went in, "To pick up your M4 and M203 take a left turn and keep going until you make it to the end of the hallway then go north, afterwards show the lady working the stand your order on your phone" Ranga said, "Anyways, I am going to see if there are any bounties I can hunt." He continued. Ranga walks forward, Tepache follows him behind, and I follow his directions after telling me all that.

Once I got there, I did as Ranga instructed me to too, the lady working the stand soon handing me the recently brought assault rifle with grenade launcher, along with 3 full magazines and a box holding 10 40MM rounds. As I take the ammo and inspect the M4A1, I noticed that a holographic red dot sight was mounted to the top rail.

I hear the lady speaking to me, "See that door in the back of my shop? It leads to an indoor range which you can use, lemme unlock the door to the right of you." Afterwards, she would press a button on the computer on the counter, a beep soon coming from the right side of me.

[END OF PAGES 12 & 13]