E2P2 - My 1st Solo Target

[Hashimamoto Japan, Daiki's bedroom. October 17th, 2023. 2:20PM]

My phone vibrates and plays a notification sound on the table, I pick it up to see what it was for. The notification was for my 1st OFFICIAL bounty, the info on the target reads as << Kaneko Juro, 22, cis Male, wanted for physical assault, attempted murder, and driving 3 of his former partners to suicide intentionally, the price is 716,058 Yen*, He works at the gas station that you have previously where employed at. The last day you are able to claim this bounty is 26/10.>>

Alongside with the text, there was a photo of Kaneko, it seems to be a social media profile picture selfie, the target has light blue hair that seems to be braided, and some red eyes. "Hm, I can likely knock him out today! All I have to do is go to the gas station and if he is working there, if so, all I have to do his blast him!" I said outloud, after I sent a message back, accepting the bounty.

[Outside of Hashimato's gas station 2:22PM]

Juro walking out of his vehicle, while wearing his work clothes, that is a jumpsuit which colours are two different shades of brown, upper part being a very light shade of said colour, and the lower being the way darker shade. He starts to walk towards the entrance of the gas station. Just about as he was going to enter, he spots two ladies having a conversation as they are standing on of right side of the glass door.

Takeda, the short haired brunette, wearing normal streetwear, as she doesn't have any job anymore is one of the two girls which Juro has noticed. The other one was taller than Takeda had dirty blonde which reached down to her back, and she was wearing a light gay one button blazer, a white turtle neck and black slacks with white stripes. Juro didn't pay that much attention to them nor their conversation all that much until he heard from the taller blonde lady

"C'mon, Maki Daiki put you out of a job! Why not kill him? You are basically a useless NEET! After all I gave you that semi-auto pistol for ending his life!" Takeda, responding to the blonde "F-fine, I guess... Can you just go back to your house? I'll talk to you later about it." With that being said, the taller girl nods and heads off to her vehicle

At that point Juro started thinking to himself 'Daiki? Like that Daiki? The one who was on the student council back in Yakukoshi? Why would someone want to kill him. Granted we barely knew eachother, but I did hear that he lives here.... I better warn him once he comes up. Can't call the police, they'll find out who I am.'

[Hashimato's gas station, 2:25PM]

I made it to the target's location, as I open the door, Kaneko turns his head towards me most likely due to the door chime that rang when when I entered it, and he started speaking "Hey Maki! Come over here! You remember me right?"

I go over to the counter which he was standing behind "Huh, not that much... no. All I remember was that you made fun of my sister, and I elbowed you in the back after you did so, a few years ago... why do you ask?" I tell him, reaching into my brown jacket's inside pocket about ready to get the job done quickly.'

"Well, you see Maki... There are atleast two people are planning on killing you, one short haired chick who use to work as security at Kyo's business, and a taller blonde chick who is paying the ex-employee!" My bounty explains to me, as I soon take out my 1911 and point it at him

"Thanks for the info, buuuuuut, you are a bounty that I have accepted!" I give him information in return, pulling back the slide of the pistol, Kaneko Juro now worried, putting his hands up

"M-maki! Maki! You do know, that we use to went to the same high school together! Wouldn't you feel bad for killing me? Why not just arrest me?" Kaneko uttered, I soon reply to what he said

"Kaneko! You do know, your crimes correct? hell I can list them if you'll like me to. Also, the company I am working for only takes back bounties dead... So I can't arrest you, nor would I, if given the chance."

[End of E2P2]