E2P14 - An old classmate and an Insurgency

As I start to head towards the door to the right of me, I start to hear footsteps from behind coming towards me. I turn around to face the person coming toward me, and... I recognized this person, it was a woman wearing a white shirt, gray jacket, and blue skirt, with some type of necklace around her neck, her hair was green, with a side ponytail on the right, with a bang covering the left side of her face, obstructing the hazel eye on that side.<.p>

This green-haired lady goes by the name of Kuroki Mariko, and I know her because I had shared 3 classes with Kuroki back in high-school, I have always found her really attractive but I never really bothered her, as she was always that loner type of person. But now that she is coming up to me, maybe I could get a chance to know her better.

"You're Daiki Maki, right?" She asked, looking at her phone. Her voice had a tone to it that made it seem like we knew eachother outside of sharing classes, her using my 1st name..... well 1st, also helps with that tone, weird but I am just going to chalk it up to her working with Ranga in English, she was one of the top students in the English class, Tepache surpassing her.

Which makes no sense for Tepache to be in an English class, due to her Japanese-American identity, and her growing up in the US for the 1st six years of her life. It's like giving a pro-baseball player tips on how to play better.

With that mental tangent aside, I go ahead and answer her question "Hm, y-yes I am. Why do you need to know?"

Kuroki, simply turns around and starts walking, "follow me." she told me, and I start to follow her, soon the two of us made it towards the entrance area of the building, afterward, we would go forward and take a left, to a small flight of stairs.

[LB Yakukoshi HQ, 2nd floor 11:11AM]

As we made it up the stairs, we entered a door on the left, leading us to a room, similar to a den of sorts, with a square table in the middle with a few chairs around it, a lady with short purple himecut hair wearing normal business attire was sitting at the table, Ranga and Tepache were also in this room, but sitting on a couch, Tepache resting her head on Ranga's thighs.

The business-suited woman signaled me to sit down at the table, once I did as such, she started speaking "Hello, Daiki, is it? I am Kotone Lagunov, I am the daughter of Antonius Lagunov and I run this bounty hunting company. I am here to speak to you, as Mariko has taken interest in you eversince you started bounty hunting with Ranga." Kotone explains, "Are you interested in taking more dangerous jobs that normal hunters can't do in turn for more money peer target? Are you interested in having more access to stronger firepower, and are you interested in being a part of a private army, Maki?"

"P-private army? What do you mean by that? Isn't that beyond Lagunov Bounties boundaries in basically every country, besides maybe the United States? More firepower and proper training do sound nice though."

"Yes it is, but due to our power, my Insurgency cannot physically be caught, we can be noticed but not caught, and the people who we are training and fighting against are also like this. We have noticed a group known as project.VITCH arming certain people and helping some of the bounties you have hunted in the past in this country. So in a way, you have already done work for us even more so than just being a part of my bounty hunting company."

"So, you guys are kinda like a Spec-ops for this company I assume? Given that Ranga and Tepache might be a part of this group and I have been working for a business that spills blood for money, yes, I will join your Militia."

Kotone smiles at me "Good, well then. Welcome to Kotone's Insurgency, your training starts next month, Maki Daiki. Expect a knock on the door."

[END OF EPISODE 2 - Headhunter Daiki and The Insurgency]