E2P1 - My paperwork, grocery shopping, and P.R.D.U

[Inside Daiki's car 9:45PM]

After the target was taken care of and after Tepache went back into the hotel, I was in my car with Ranga driving. a few questions were on my mind as I am driving back home. "So Ranga, why did you think Sano was targeting Tepache?" I asked

"Well Considering his crimes, I would assume he is some kind of Incel, other than that. He could've been hired to take us four out."

"Hm yea, that does make alot of sense... Anyways? Why did he stop the car" I asked the rabbit boy once again

"Ah, no! I just used a power of mine... This power allows me to make anything freeze in place... the frozen thing still experiences timeflow, and can still speak. Hell if something is frozen in mid air, it'll stay stuck in mid air... I call this ability Paralystasis" Ranga explained to me what happened as we make it back to the apartment complex

[Hashimamoto Japan, Daiki and Ranga's Apartment. October 16th, 2023. 1:05PM]

It's been a few weeks since I started helping Ranga with his job, I have quit my old job, and stopped going to uni... Maybe not the smartest move, but oh well! Anyways today is going to be the day I start to be an official bounty hunter for Lagunov's bounties, the same company my roommate works for, as I have gotten the paperwork and said papers are on the kitchen table, one of the text of the paperwork reads

<<"we'll deliver a Personal Defense Ring Unit (P.D.R.U) made by our parent company, Lagunov's Defense Ballistics to your address or P. O. Box within a day or two">>

"Hm, I wonder what that is about" I asked, as I filled out the application part of the paperwork "Might ask Ranga about those ring things later today" when I got done filling it out, the rabbit boy opens the door, after hanging out with Tepache for the day

"Hm, hey Range... I got done with the application you gave me! Wanna go out, after all I have to mail this to their headquarters of this country and go grocery shopping" I inquired, whilst putting the paperwork into an envelope

"Daiki, I do not have any targets today... So yea, I can!" The bunny agreed to the question I asked

"Hm let's go." I said, heading outside of our room, to the parking lot and to my car, envelope in hand, Ranga following behind me

[Hashimamoto Groceries, 1:15 PM]

As we are walking thru the store getting the things we need, mostly just food stuff. I speak "Hey, Ranga, on the paperwork it said that I'll receive a thing called a Personal Defense Ring Unit. Do you own one and/or know what one is?"

"Well. Dai, It's a bracelet you put on and it functions like a weapon inventory from a late 90s FPS game... Hell, it even gives you a HUD like-one! And yes, I do indeed have one" He answers in a happy tone of voice

"Hm, I see" I put some bread into the cart as we are talking "So why do I never seen you wearing one?"

"It fades away after you put it on, still there, but pretty much invisible.. hell it replicates the feeling of your skin when invisible! Also, if you'll like you can make it visible and take it off any time you'd like."

"Oh, Thanks for explaining it to me Range!"

[Hashimamoto Japan, Daiki's bedroom. October 17th, 2023. 9:20AM]

As the paperwork said, I had gotten a Personal Defense Ring Unit in the mail, the bracelet is very metal-like, with a soft green light, also the box the bracelet came in had a QR code inside, which when scanned, downloaded the company's app, and I believe they made my account for me "Hm, better put it on." I said to myself soon pressing on the green light. Once I did that the bracelet's colour changed to red and it popped open much like a binder's rings. I put the now opened P.D.R.U around my left wrist and closed it with my right hand. As Ranga said the day before, it fades away to nothingness, and soon before my eyes there are multiple lines of light orange text which read

<<Health: Detected>>

<<Body Armour and Helmet: Not Detected>>

<<Magic: Not Detected>>

<<Weapons and Ammo: Not Detected>>

After that series of text, a HUD fades in at the bottom of my vision, one being for health and one being for Armour at the far left side, and that the far right side, one being for ammo. The ones for Armour and ammo, read as 0, when where extremely translucent.

<AN: here is what Daiki's HUD looks like down below, also damn, this is the longest part of the story so far lol!>