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(8/4/20) Why the fuck do people give out their discord out in the public? Isn't that like giving out your fucking phone number. I understand things like giving out links to your discord sever, public twitter but why your personal discord account??? That seems really dumb to do.

(8/4/20) its night and my dog might be lost. This sucks

(8/5/20)We got our dog back! and why must reactOS be fat32 I wanna run it with windows 10. It's like the only alt OS I am inserted in!

(8/14/20) I kinda wanna add a page of me finding inserting website on neocities tbh

(9/14/20) Bro. Ngl. The idea of being a neet sounds super comforting, like idk it's just the thought of me being alone with all the stuff that I enjoy with me just sounds like super nice (i guess a more fitting term would be hikikomori cus I have to pay for the stuff I want by having a job). I don't know if it's me being an asocial aspie speaking but that kinda life sounds nice)

(9/14/20) I wonder if you can have a wikiplayer on the entire site so it can sync up with what you are doing

(9/19/20)Was gonna add a intro page that had an neet-like room that you can click on and it'll lead to the index page. But I decied against it

(10/11/20) Why is there a 30 day free trial for an application for changing the icons for windows.

(11/1/20) Why did I think that pistol starting MAP08 of DOOM 2 was a good idea? also I started using a really old version of feneces!

(11/3/20) God I hate politics, espiecally this time of year

(11/10/20) Well, it looks like that I am going to have my 2nd PMMM rewatch earilar than I expected.. due to Early Janurary 2021 being that show's 10th anniversary

(11/10/20) Oh yea, I forgot to mention that I now own a Sailor Uniform now ^u^

(12/28/20) Oh shit its snowing

(1/15/20) Eversince I am not using this site for most creative things, why not just have an orginal stroies part of the site where I upload any storyI make

(7/22/2021) After watching Hazel's video on old web fan sites, it kinda wanna make a madomagi fansite now lol! Anyways I changed my desktop so my task bar is at the side

(10/22/2021) So I finally had got myself a gaming laptop around early last month I belive! Its a Lenovo Legion 5, I have been using it to play CS:GO and gamecube games for the most part

(12/10/21) I might make a blogging page, It's gonna be like this one, but much much more detailed and stuff with what I am thinking about and it gives real updates and plans for stuff.

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