E1P6-7 - Hunting Takara Sano


Takara has entered into building, and payed to use one of the computers around the back after Daiki has exited to get the gloves, checking his phone as he walked the the desk, which was on the far left side, while Ranga and Co, is on the right side. Ranga ofcourse saw his new Target take a seat nearby the two, and decided to head to the restroom While in the restroom, he started to talk to himself, looking at the mirror {"He's here, but how am I suppose to get rid of them right now without causing any problems. Yea I could just} Ranga mimics a shooting motion with his right hand {But as I said, It would cause alot of problems. So my only real option is to go after him when he has already left or just hope that he attacks Tepache or Ayaka, because Tepa and I can response in defending Ayaka... but why would he do that in such a public place with alot of people in it already, so I am going to have to go with the more realistic option... which then means I have to find a way to track him down."}

As Ranga was talking to himself in his native language, a person comes out of a stall and goes near one of the skins near him, the stranger asks "You okay?", The bunny boy quickly stopped thinking about this as soon as the stranger started speaking "Uh, yea. Just talking to myself about something that I have to do as a job soon." He answers the stranger's question "Hm okay, also for a foreigner you have quite good Japanese!" "Oh Um, thank you!" Ranga said, afterwards the stranger starts to wash his hands {"ok, so imma see what daiki has to say after we leave."} The rabbit boy soon washes his hands before leaving the bathroom

[Outside of the apartment complex, 4:25PM]

After the four left the cafe, Takara also exits the building. He follows the four as they get back to Daiki and Ranga's apartment building. Daiki started to speak to Tepache and Ayaka once the four got there "thank you for visiting the us! Anyways, I am guessing you and Ayaka are going to stay in the country for abit... If so where are you two going to stay?" Tepache answers Daiki's question "Well, we are going to be at the Hashimam-night-oto hotel." Takara was standing next to his car as he eavesdropping on the group.

[Daiki and Ranga's apartment, 9:20PM]

Ranga shows me a picture of one Sano Takara on his phone, "So, we were close to our target a few hours ago" I said to him, "Do you have a plan or anything?" Ranga soon goes over to his desk, setting his phone down and picking his M16 off of the table, putting a mag in it and pulling the charging handle back "Well, we wait outside of the internet cafe until he comes out then we get him.... that is my plan!" He answers my question "after all, people like him stay at those places for awhile." "And what if he is not there?" I asked a follow up question, putting on the combat gloves "I mean, I heard someone walking behind us, that person could of been Sano. Also this person had murdered and stalked people before, so he could've went to where Ayaka and Tepache Sakura are staying, thinking they would be easy kills." "Hm good point... Why not go there and find out for ourselves." The femboy bunny boy answered, putting the rifle on his back with the sling that is attached to it and headed outside of our home. Once again I followed him outside, after leaving the building we get into my car, ready to drive off to the hotel.

[Ayaka and Tepache's Hotel room 9:30PM]

Tepache receives a screenshoted message on her phone from Ranga, as you can likely guess, it's the message about the certain target, Ranga also put a caption which read << He might be going over or came over to the place you are staying at, we are also coming over, so go to the parking lot I guess to meet up>>

[Parking lot of Hashimam-night-oto hotel 9:35PM]

Me and Ranga are waiting at the the parking alot, I am learning on the door to the passenger seat, while he is pacing around abit listening to some music, we are ofcourse waiting for Tepache to come out, or for Takara to show up. "Hey Range, eversince the bounty might be here shouldn't you get your rifle in your arms?" as I said that Tepache is walking over to us "oh right!" Ranga said, taking the gun off of his back, Tepache soon walked over and stood next to me "Hm, where is Ayaka?" I question her, scanning the area for the target "asleep." Tepache bluntly answered my question,

[Meanwhile inside of Takara's car]

Takara was just about to enter into the parking lot, his hands gloved and a steak knife on the dash. "Mnmm shit! they are here now, 3 against one... shouldn't have waited at my house for this." He said to himself, "there is no way I can take them on.... FUCK IT! I'll run them over." Takara soon started to drive towards the three.

They took notice of this, Daiki and Tepache move out of the way of the vehicle coming for them, but Ranga stays "RANGA! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?!" Daiki yells out, worried as he sees his roommate just standing there, the car about to hit the rabbit eared boy, then car suddenly stops when it gets very close to him Takara, surprised that his car will not move one bit "huh? how, it was just working a few seconds ago??? Eh fuck it." The target gets out of his vehicle, grabbing his knife and putting it into one of his hoodie pockets "Hm, so.... which one of you three are going to take me out?"

"Well, Daiki took out the last one.... Hey Tepache! Do you want to do it?" Ranga said, putting his rifle on his back, the tall blonde nods her head yes and runs over to the target, who started laughing abit as she arrived, Takara's laughter was cut short by Tepache quickly punching him in the face, with enough force to knock him onto the parking lot's floor dropping his knife with him "Agnnm! hm... I guess this is it for me huh" Takara coughed out, still on the ground. Tepache taking off of one his gloves and putting it on her right hand "ha, lemme guess ya gonna kill me with my own blade huh? Making it look like I ended my own life here"

"Yes." Tepache responds verbally, with the blade already in her hand, Takara would sit up on the ground, his legs still stretched outward. Tepache squatting down abit, lunges the target's knife three times into his chest, each in a different spot, after the third thrust Tepache puts the glove back onto the now dead Takara's right hand, and she'll head back to her room "Alright, let's get our cash and head" Ranga bluntly exclaims just before taking a photo of Takara

[END OF EPISODE 1 - Becoming Bounty Hunter]