E1P5 - Info on Target #2 and combat gloves

[Hashimamoto Internet Cafe. 1:02PM]

The group of four was just about to finish watching PVs for the day, Daiki offered if any of them wanted something to drink. Ranga wanted pink lemonade, so did Tepache, Ayaka wanted some Cola, and Daiki was gonna get himself some iced coffee. As soon as the brown jacketed Co-bounty hunter left, Ranga had gotten a text on his phone from his boss as you likely expect it was a target. The message read <<*{Takara Sano, 23, cis male, wanted for multiple Homicides and stalking the victims beforehand, multiple muggings despite not needing to do so, and breaking out of prison multiple times. the price is 550225JPY/5,000US. He tends to stay at the internet cafe around your area. The last day you can claim this bounty is 10/23, good luck, if you go after him,}>> The message had an image attachment of a man with short light brown hair, wearing square glasses, an orange hoodie with a few chest pockets and dark gray slacks. {"Hm, better go check this out later."} Ranga said to himself in a mumbly tone of voice and sent his boss a message that basically says that he will be hunting Takara Sano down.>>

<*<>= text messaging or any other form of written commutation>

I get back, holding the group's drinks in a cup holder which is made to hold four of them. I set it down on the free space that the computer desk has, which did have alot of free space for some reason, maybe the owner expected something like this. Ranga takes his drink out of the holder 1st, then Tepache after clicking back to the homepage of the video site we are on, me next, and Ayaka the last. "Hm, so what now?" The usagimimi asked before taking a long drink of his drink thru the straw. Tepache who was already typing on the computer "well, I am going to watch a streamer I enjoy, if none of you mind at all." "Okay, hey Ranga, I'm going out to get me those gloves I was talking about before... Do you wanna come with, I kinda don't know which ones are good, and which ones are not." I asked, his face soon looks like he just remembered something related "There should be some in my duffel back, I completely forgot that I owned some." And with him saying that I nod and head to the front door of the cafe, with my drink in my left hand. Once I had got to the entrance door, I see a man around my height in a hoodie thru the glass door, and he holds it open unassumingly for me.

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