E1P4 - A reunion with my friends and sister

[Hashimamoto Japan, Daiki and Ranga's Apartment. October 9th. 10:40AM]

I was laying on the bed of my room, watching a currently airing Isekai anime on an 16:9 CRT television in my room "Hm? Is this the life that Ranga lives outside of work? Seems nice... shit, I wish I brought a console for my room, that works with my TV in here" My room is a rather bland one, just a bed near the door, the CRT at the south wall, a coffee table in the middle of the room and a desk with my computer at the east wall "Hm, eversince I am going to be helping Ranga with wetwork, might aswell buy some combat gloves."

I soon get out of my bed, and head out to the living room, Ranga opens the living room, wearing a black trench coat, a black t-shirt which has the word {"WAR"}* in red text, blue jeans and black combat boots He soon turns his head towards me, leaning against the doorway and started to speak "Hey Daiki, your sister and Tepache are in town, would you like to hang out with them!" "Hm, sure why not. It's been awhile since all four of us where together" I responded as Ranga heads back outside, since I am going to out with him I follow behind him, right outside of my house there a two ladies. One of them is a pale skinned half Asian half White 6 feet tall lady, with blonde hair that goes down to her knees, wearing a black hoodie which says {"Hellish Reputation"} once again in red text, and lastly she has two face tattoos on her cheeks

{"Death"} on her left cheek, and {"Decay"}, right next to her, is a significantly shorter girl, with short black hair wearing a gray shirt, dark blue skirt, thigh highs and a light gray bomber jacket. The second one is Ayaka my 22 year old sister, making Ayaka two years younger than me <*{"text"} = English> "So, where are we planning on hanging out?" I asked the other three people "Personally, I was going to go out to get myself some combat gloves" Tepache "Well, isn't there a internet cafe nearby here, if so why not go and hang out in there" "So, Ranga, Ayaka do you two have a different idea?" I asked them, the two of them shook their head no, and with that the four of us start to go to the nearest net-cafe

[Hashimamoto Internet Cafe. 11:12AM]

The four of us enter into the building, inside there were plenty of people. They were either playing F2P Games, doing general work stuff that can't really be done on a mobile phone or tablet, chatting with friends on the internet and ofcourse there were people in the back, using the cafe like a normal cafe. With that being noted I head up towards the front door receptionist and payed her for us to use one of the computers in the back far away from most of the other people for around 7 or so hours and now our little reunion can start!


The four of us are at our computer with multiple headphone jacks with earbuds plugged into four of them, so more than one person can watch videos without disturbing the other people in the building, and as you can assume each one of us are using the headphones. Anyways, we were watching Touhou Project fan-made Music PVs* I haven't been caught up with the series since like 2015, so I didn't really understand the ones which had or were based on the ones with the newer characters in them. As we watched, we end up on that which is about a romantic relationship between two of the newer characters which got my mind thinking about Ranga, Tepache and Ayaka's, as you see Ranga is Dating Tepache, and she is dating Ayaka but Ranga and Ayaka are not together because my sis is only interested in girls and Ranga obviously respects that or else they wouldn't be friends, which leads me to pause the music preview* video in order to ask them "Hey, uh, I been wondering about something and was wondering if you could confirm or de-confirm it.... Are you three in like a cuckhold?"

All three of them responded at the same time "C-Cuckhold!?!?!?!" De-confirming it with a quite reasonable response to what I just asked, and I'm pretty sure I have to put my reasoning of why I thought that might be the case into words Ranga started talking "So, why did you think that Daiki? Like Seriously, I want your thought process." And I hope what I am bout to say makes sense to him, my sis, and Tepache "Well, you see. Most of the time when two people are with the same person th-they tend to be also romantically interested, but like you and Ayaka cannot be like that, and the only relationship type that I can think which is like that... is cuckholding." The trio, once again responds at the same time "Yea, that makes sense."

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