E1P2-3 - My 1st bounty

[A bus stop around Hashimamoto, October 7th 1:05PM]

I walk over to a bus stop near my university, eversince it is a weekend, why not go out hunting! Ranga is also there wearing what seemed to be an all black version of a sailor school girl outfit with thigh highs and loafers "oh... hey Range.. Didn't know you'll be here so soon. Anyways who is my 1st bounty" The bunny boy looked at his phone and started to speak "His name is Kyo Kumagai... he is wanted for abusing his employees, working them to death and killing them if any one of them complains about it... The reason why we know this, is that the company I work for had planted a mole, unfortunately. He is not with us anymore. The bounty is 550225* Yen, divided by two, we each get 275112 Yen*." Once he got done explaining all of that our bus came.

<*AN: 50225 yen to USD is $5,000. 275112 yen is $2500>
[Yamasunai, Japan. 1:20PM]

Ranga and I arrive at a salary man business building via the bus we just took. I look up at the multi story building, reaching into my brown jacket to take out my M1911 "so... This is gonna be the 1st time this is going to be used on a human being" I said, soon putting my gun back a few seconds later "Ranga, I am ready!" "good." The two of us start to walk to the building, once there we are in an empty lobby and we headed to the elevator

[Kyo's business top floor, security camera room.]

Kyo Kumagai looking at a flatscreen TV mounted to a wall, watching the live footage of Daiki and Ranga's conversation "So, Lagnov's bounties still sent hunters to try to end me. Are they that stupid? I killed one of their moles! I can handle two of their useless hunters!" Kyo states, his hand on the desk for the laptop that is connected to the TV. "But sir, one of them has a pistol!" The camera security-guard responds to Kyo

"So? I have also violated this country's gun control laws." Kyo soon takes out a Nambu Model 60 from his power-suit "But Takeda, there are two of them, and we have no cameras inside of the building... take them out and get a raise, also if you die, I have one in my office" The boss of the company places the .38 special revolver on the desk "and if you disobey, you know what happens don't you" Soon he leaves the room, and heads back to his office "Yes, Sir!" Takeda answers her boss, picking up the firearm

[Yamasunai, Salary man business building's top floor 1:23PM]

I was looking at Ranga's phone screen, there is a map of the top floor of building, with the Kumagai Kyo's office being a straight walk forward from the elevator that we are in "So, Kumagai's office is in the very back of the building?" I asked "Well, that's what the mole said when they sent the text to Kotone." Ranga simply replies with a mhm "anyways, how long is this gonna take?" "Daiki, It's only been three minutes." states "Although, did you check if your 1911 is even loaded? Now would be a good time"

"Why would I keep it like that? Buuut." I soon took out my gun, taking the mag out and titling it so Ranga could see that I have rounds within it "See." "Sorry about that, I forget sometimes that everyone does not always make their firearms safe and unloaded at most times" I put the magazine back into my weapon "Check to see if you already have a round in the slide" As Ranga says that, a chime from the speakers inside of the elevator plays, and the door opens. A lady in a uniform and hat is standing right outside of the elevator, pointing a rather small hand gun, before I can even aim my gun at her in retaliation, the rabbit eared femboy roughly kicks kicks her in her left leg before she aimed directly at me knocking her out, she screams while falling to the ground and the revolver follows suite, which is weird due to him telling me that he is not all that good at using his legs in combat

"AGGHHH!! FUUCKKK!! WERE THOSE GYYAA!! STEEL TOED!?!" She yelled out, "Holy shit they make those type of loafers" Ranga walks to the dropped weapon and picks it up "Hm, A New Nambu M60." I hear him swinging out the cylinder to see if its still loaded "I guess this encounter was somewhat lucky" He puts the cylinder back in line with the barrel "Imma be honest, eversince it was only one target, I didn't bring any arms with me." He soon faces the way towards Kumagai's office "C'mon let's go."

[Yamasunai, Salary man business building's top floor 1:23PM]

Ranga and I started to head towards the boss's office, I take glaces at the cubicles of the top floor, checking to see if there are any armed workers hired to defend himself against us. Soon taps his loafer on his ground "So, we are right outside of Kyo's offi-" as Ranga was talking, a gunshot could be heard, in an attempt to kill atleast one of us, luckily neither of us was hit by the bullet. Ranga quickly gets into one of the cubicles near the left side of the door, getting in a crouched position, and then he points to the cubicle towards the right side, ofcourse I go there to take cover, taking out my own pistol.

I hear the door swing open and soon I see an rather older man wearing a powersuit, with black fading into gray hair and square glasses hold the same type of pistol Ranga has... He must be Kumagai Kyo. The older man turns his whole body to the left, where Ranga was. I instinctively, line my sights up to Kumagai's head and pull the trigger, I see the muzzle flash of the .45 ACP round going off for a brief moment and then Kumagai falling face 1st near where Ranga was, and I have taken my 1st humanoid life.

I hear the femboy's voice "Hm. Good job Daiki!" Ranga gets up and kicks, the corpse of Kumagai around 2-4 times "Yep, Kyo is dead." He reaches into his other pocket, pulling out a flip phone, soon Ranga would seemingly take a picture of it "Alright. We are likely gonna get paided soon!" He says in a rather cheerful tone of voice despite what I just did, I guess he has gotten use to this over the 3? I think years he has been in this combat based job of his.