Episode 1, Page 1 - Asking Questions About My Roommate's Job

[Hashimamoto Japan, Apartment complex near by Hashimamoto University. October 5th, 2023. 6:40PM]

I open the door to my apartment building after getting home from a long and hard day at college. a Usagimimi with an highly feminine body with long black hair which goes down to the mid section of his back is cleaning out his M16A1 assault rifle around the 2nd table on his side of the room I am Daiki Maki, and that is my friend who has been living in Japan with me since May for his work.. His name is Ranga Rimmstier, Normally I would prefer to live alone but ever-since Ranga does not mind me taking money from his job of, killing people to pay my rent... I could care less.

Although I do not know what kind of people he kills... might ask him later when I ask him if he wants to go to the bar with me, and why he is living in this country. Anyways where his room begins is on the west, and the living room is on the east, he noted where they begin and end with red duct tape when he moved in.... after seeing him doing maintenance on the gun. I sat down on my couch, turned on the TV, and decide to speak to him. "Hm... Got another bounty done?" He responded with a simple "well yes." I soon heard the rifle being placed on the table and Ranga's voice once more "Alright... I'm done cleaning my guns" soon the rabbit boy sits next to me "Hey Ranga?.... Would you like to go out and get a few drinks with me?" I ask, the usagimimi nods his head yes in response.

[A somewhat filled bar in Hashimamoto, 7:25PM]

Soon me and Ranga arrive at a bar, we had already got our drinks and we are sitting in the back of the building. After taking a drink from my cup I decided to ask Ranga "Hey Range, what are you doing living in this country again?" "Well. The company I work with recently told me that bounty hunting has become legal... and with that I decided 'why, not' after all the only reason why we went back to the states, is that Tepache and I couldn't legally own firearms here" "Huh, I'm not surprised... anyways.. what kind of people do you hunt?"

"well.... if ya wanna know, it just people that you would be glad are gone from our plane of existences" He takes a drink "for some odd reason, alot of really rich folk fall into that category" His tone of voice changed from an informative on to an sarcastic one once he mentioned that about the wealthy "O-oh... Imma be honest, I kinda always wanted to do that kind of work... I c-can become one" "Ofcourse, do you still have your birthday gift?" "M-my 1911, yea I do! Wh-when is the earliest i can start" "will I got a new target Saturday." So tomorrow will begin my life as a co-bounty hunter, hm, Can't really wait until then. The pay obviously beats the Gas station I work at on the weekends.

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