Turning RAD into a webcomic

4-14-2022 6:32 pm

Lately, I have been thinking about turning my webnovel "Ranga and Daiki" into a webcomic, there are pros and cons in doing so. the pros and cons of making Ranga and Daiki into a webcomic are the followings

  • -Action, slice of life, and comedy parts will be easier to draw
  • -I can focus more on dialogue
  • -I can upload to more than one site easier as it would just be pics
  • -I will use my drawing tablet way more
  • -I have to draw backgrounds but, I have tools that can help.

  • cons
  • -I have to draw
  • -my artsyle is fits sol way more

  • As you have read, there are more pros than there are cons, so I'll most likely be doing so in the future. If I don't, well I don't.