Back from Vegas

3-24-2022 3:00 pm

Around 1-2 days ago, I came back from a three day vacation from Las Vegas, NV. It was my 1st time visiting the city and the state of nevada. It was pretty nice, and for some reason I thought that NV would be alot more brown and not it just looking like my backyard.

Me, my mom, brother and cousin stayed at the Excalibur. According to my mother, the service at the hotel wasn't that good and the small room that we where in (it was literally just a bathroom, closet and bedroom with two beds) had a hole in the floor covered with carpet. Anyways I got to saw some birds and that tourment of kinghts show (wasn't a fan of the whole interative thing.)

In one of the bathrooms of Ceasers palace (we where walking the strip and I had to piss) there was a phone number for a coke dealer. On the day we went back home, My mom gave me a gun-knife and I got to visit the ghost town of goodsprings, which was the starter town of Fallout New Vegas, and I ate in the saloon there. They had pretty good pancakes and sasuage.

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